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21.1 (Fall, 1992)


  • John Dagenais, “Calame e conocerme as: On the name of Don Melón”, 1-14.
  • D. G. Pattison, “British Library Ms. Egerton 289: A Glimpse of the Cronica Manuelina”, 15-30.
  • Theodore L. Kassier, “Reexamining the Archipriest’s Imprisonment”, 31-58.
  • Jane Whetnall, “Isabel González of the Cancionero de Baena and Other Lost Voices”, 59-82.


  • P.D.A. Harvey, Medieval Maps. Toronto and Buffalo: Univ. of Toronto Press, 1991. Reviewed by Barry Taylor. 83-87.
  • Alan Forey, The Military Orders: From the Twelfth to the Early Fourteenth Centuries. Toronto: Univ. of Toronto Press, 1992. Reviewed by Bernard F. Reilly. 87-89.
  • El Cancionero de Oñate-Castañeda. Edición de Dorothy Sherman Severin. Introducción de Michel Garcia. Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1990. Reviewed by Elaine S. Brooks. 89-93.
  • Colin Smith, Christians and Moors in Spain, Vol. II: 1195-1614. Warminster: Aris and Phillips, 1989. Reviewed by Lourdes María Alvárez. 94-96.
  • Charles F. Fraker, Celestina: Genre and Rhetoric. London: Tamesis, 1990. Reviewed by Jerry R. Rank. 96-101.
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